• Columbia University | Journalism School | Spring 2019

  • Dates To Be Announced | Brown Institute for Media Innovation

  • Professors: Juan Francisco Saldarriaga (jfs2118) & Michael Krisch (mkrisch)

  • Office Hours: TBD

General Topics

  • Web Mapping

  • Data types

  • Census data

  • Metadata

  • Data creation

  • Geocoding

  • Georeferencing

  • Vector and raster data

Resources and Materials

Course files, tutorials and presentations will be located on this website.

The optional readings for the class will be available via journalistic organizations, Columbia Libraries, and other content providers. Links will be hosted on this site.


Week 1: Intro to the Web

Week 2: Leaflet

Week 3: The Base Map

Week 4: Incorporating Data & Producing a Map