Points Unknown - Final Projects

Here you will find links to our student’s final projects.

GSAPP Spring 2022

Voices of the GullahGeechee - Protecting Ancestral Land From Erasure

By Galina Novikova and Linru Wang


In the face of long-term population decline, climate change and other threats, Gullah Geechee return to Sapelo Island to shore up their land and protect their heritage.

The Recent Refugee Renaissance in Buffalo Has Totally Changed the City’s Streetscape. Here is How

By Polina Stepanova, Joan Du and Jie Kong


A closer examination of how Buffalo became a blooming flower of cultural intersections, and how refugees from all over the world embellish the streets of this northern city.

Food Justice, Sandtown Baltimore

By Haotong Xia, Leon Duval, Ruben Gomez Ganan


Food Desert in Sandtown, Baltimore, is struggling with an already postponed community.

Body Worn Cameras offer hope and reveal strain of police accountability efforts in New Orleans

By Nicholas Shannon & Santiago Alvarez


Brief description of the project.

In California’s Heartland, Small-Time Almond Farmers Face a Dry Future

By Yi Hyun Kim, Shen Xin, Jackson Fordham


Controversies surrounding the drought impacts on the almond industry in the Central Valley, CA.

Renewable energy - Pathway to Texas’s energy resiliency

By Francesca Doumet, Rotina Tian, Mingxun Zou


Following the 2021 energy crisis, Houston seeks a major transition to renewable energy in order to achieve energy resiliency and combat climate change.

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